Two primaries, few problems in Bedford County


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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) – The sign at the Stewartsville Rescue Squad told the story

Voting moved to Barnhardt Baptist Church, just a short distance away.

And voters like Sharon and Leonard Henry had no trouble finding their new precinct.

“We never miss a vote no matter what,” Sharon Henry told us. “I would crawl through glass to vote today.”

“We haven’t had any problem. No one’s complained,” said Chief of Precinct Valorie Haldren. ‘I think they got notices in the mail. And they heard it, somehow through the news. No one has had a problem.”

Haldren and her fellow election officials, Mary Ellen Cunningham and Shelle Thompson, wore masks. They were protected by plastic shields, and had plenty of hand sanitizer available.

The poll workers and voters we met, told us they were comfortable with the precautions.

Did you have any concerns about coming out and voting in person? we asked Sharon and Leonard Henry. “No not really, because we’ll go and sanitize our hands after we get in the car.”

By mid-afternoon, election officials told us turnout was “slow and steady” throughout Bedford County.

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